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'''''Oklahoma!'''''<br />
151, The 1955 film adaptation of the 1943 Rodgers & Hammerstein musical. Here's Gloria Grahame singing "I Cain't Say No" from the film:
'''O'Hara, Scarlett'''<br />
207 who famously says, at the end of the film ''Gone with the Wind'' (1939), "After all... tomorrow is another day!"
'''O'Neal, Shaquille'''<br />
'''Ofeq satellite'''<br />
'''Old Sod'''<br />
55, technically Irish bar where March and Axine go after coop demonstration
'''Omega Diner'''<br />
136, where Maxine meets Rocky;
'''open-outcry era'''<br />
'''Ophelia'''<br />
129 Kennedy's babysitter
'''OSS'''<br />
'''Otis'''<br />
1, Maxine's son; 32
'''Otto Kugelblitz School'''<br />
2, MT's kids school
'''Outfield, Eric'''<br />
10, Stuyvesant genius and Ice's IT maven; 57; 81; 143;
'''Oxide Pang'''<br />
140 The Pang Brothers are Danny Pang Phat and Oxide Pang Chun, twin-brother screenwriters and film directors, born in 1965 in Hong Kong. Among their films is the hit Asian horror film, ''The Eye'', which has spawned two sequels, as well as a Hollywood remake and a Hindi remake. Besides working in Hong Kong, the pair frequently work in the Thai film industry, where they made their directorial debut as a team, Bangkok Dangerous.
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