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Padgett, Driscoll
45, girl playing Tetris at hashslingrz; "freelance Web-page designer"

137 a counter-culture within the Russian-speaking Internet most famous for using a distinctive slang, known as padonkaffsky jargon or, alternatively, as Olbanian. The singular of padonki is padonok, an intentional misspelling of podonok, which means riff-raff, scoundrel, or scum.

Papa Doble
55- the Daiquirí recipe from El Floridita that Hemingway drinks with A. E. Hotchner in his book Papa Hemingway.

Paradise Garage, Danceteria
156 The disco Danceteria was "Madonna's playground" in NYC in the 80s; The Paradise Garage was a NYC discotheque notable in the history of modern LGBT and nightclub cultures and in dance and pop music.

pari passu
54, a Latin phrase that literally means "with an equal step" or "on equal footing." It is sometimes translated as "ranking equally", "hand-in-hand," "with equal force," or "moving together," and by extension, "fairly," "without partiality." Wikipedia entry
78 - The Penet remailer ( was a pseudonymous remailer (type 0) operated by Johan "Julf" Helsingius of Finland from 1993 to 1996. Its initial creation stemmed from an argument in a Finnish newsgroup over whether people should be required to tie their real name to their online communications. Julf believed that people should not — indeed, could not — be required to do so. In his own words:

"Some people from a university network really argued about if everybody should put their proper name on the messages and everybody should be accountable, so you could actually verify that it is the person who is sending the messages. And I kept arguing that the Internet just doesn't work that way, and if somebody actually tries to enforce that, the Internet will always find a solution around it. And just to prove my point, I spent two days or something cooking up the first version of the server, just to prove a point."

Pepillo Salcedo

Perejil Massacre
15 - a government-sponsored genocide in October 1937, at the direct order of Dominican President Rafael Trujillo who ordered the execution of the Haitian population living in the borderlands with Haiti. The violence resulted in the killing of 20,000 ethnic Haitian civilians during approximately five days.

87-88, PCM;

Philippa "Philly" Blunt
22 - Horst lover, as imagined by Maxine, named after a cheap cigar


Picnic (1955)
81 - Film starring William Holden and Kim Novak, directed by Joshua Logan

pigeon-drop artists
83 Pigeon drop is a confidence trick in which a mark or "pigeon" is persuaded to give up a sum of money in order to secure the rights to a larger sum of money, or more valuable object. In reality, the scammers make off with the money and the mark is left with nothing. In the process, the stranger (actually a confidence trickster) puts his money with the mark's money (in an envelope, briefcase, or sack) which the mark is then entrusted with. The money is actually not put into the sack or envelope, but is switched for a bag full of newspaper or other worthless material. Through various theatrics, the mark is given the opportunity to make off with money without the stranger realizing. In actuality, the mark would be fleeing from his own money, which the con man still has (or has handed off to an accomplice).

Pimento, Jake
95, Horst's co-tenant at WTC;

162 - dances with Maxine at Chuy's Hideaway;

Pinot E-Grigio

Piraeus Diner
115, Mike the waiter

Pitt, Brad

130 - Collectable cards for kids - Maxine gives Kennedy "Gengar" and "Japanese Psyduck"

Politics & Prose
106 - aka P&P, is an independent bookstore located in Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C., on Connecticut Avenue. The store was founded in 1984 by co-owners Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade. Politics and Prose is known for its knowledgeable staff and is seen as a part of DC culture. Its author events attract a number of famous speakers, such as Bill Clinton and J.K. Rowling, and have a reputation for their astute audiences.

Pollard case
105, in 1985


Ponzi scheme

88, poutine is a common Canadian dish (originally from Quebec), made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. Sometimes additional ingredients are added.

Presidente longneck
162 cigar

prewar classic six

Price, Vincent

104, data-sharing software; In the mid-1970s, Inslaw developed for the United States Department of Justice a highly efficient, people-tracking, computer program known as Prosecutor's Management Information System (Promis). Inslaw's principal owners, William Anthony Hamilton and his wife, Nancy Burke Hamilton, later sued the United States Government (acting as principal to the Department of Justice) for not complying with the terms of the Promis contract and for refusing to pay for an enhanced version of Promis once delivered. This allegation of software piracy led to three trials in separate federal courts and two congressional hearings. Wikipedia entry

Psycho (1960)
92 - a 1960 American suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock starring Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, and Janet Leigh. The screenplay is by Joseph Stefano, based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch loosely inspired by the crimes of Wisconsin murderer and grave robber Ed Gein.

Pulitzer, Courtney
73, soirees

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