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'''Slagiatt, Rockwell "Rocky"'''<br />
'''Slagiatt, Rockwell "Rocky"'''<br />
SLAGIATT is Internet acronym for "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time"<br />
61, dba Streetlight People. As in "Don't Stop Believing"; 138; 139; 149; 206; 228;
61, dba Streetlight People. As in "Don't Stop Believing"; 138; 139; 149; 206; 228;

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Sand Hill Road
70 - a road in Menlo Park, California, notable for its concentration of venture capital companies. Its significance as a symbol of private equity in the United States may be compared to that of Wall Street in the stock market. Connecting El Camino Real and Interstate 280, the road provides easy access to Stanford University and Silicon Valley. HERE!

354 - In Deep Web, Eric's ad-business acquaintances, and her co-adjutor Promoman

102 - a Greek lyric poet, born on the island of Lesbos. The Alexandrians included her in the list of nine lyric poets. Her birth was sometime between 630 and 612 BCE, and it is said that she died around 570 BCE, but little is known for certain about her life. The bulk of her poetry, which was well-known and greatly admired through much of antiquity, has been lost, but her immense reputation has endured through surviving fragments.

Pynchon's mention refers to this Sappho poem:

To Evening
O HESPERUS! Thou bringest all things home;
All that the garish day hath scattered wide;
The sheep, the goat, back to the welcome fold;

Thou bring'st the child, too, to his mother's side.

415 - recruiter

Schachtman unpleasantness'
457- Max Shachtman — it is misspelled in BE — (1904 – 1972) was an American Marxist theorist. He evolved from being an associate of Leon Trotsky to a social democrat and mentor of senior assistants to AFL-CIO President George Meany. In 1938, Shachtman shocked Trotsky by publishing an article in the New International in which James Burnham declared his opposition to dialectical materialism, the philosophy of Marxism. Although Trotsky reassured Shachtman, "I did not deny in the least the usefulness of the article you and Burnham wrote," the issue would soon be revived as Shachtman and Trotsky clashed on the outbreak of World War II. [1]

School of the Americas

Scott and Nutella Vontz Auditorium
96; 112, graduation;

Scream, Blacula, Scream
132 - a 1973 blaxploitation horror film, made under the working titles Blacula Is Beautiful and Blacula Lives Again!. This is the only sequel to the 1972 film Blacula. The movie was produced by American International Pictures (AIP) and Power Productions. Wikipedia entry

script kiddies
58 - In hacker culture script kiddies, or skiddies, are unskilled individuals who use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites. It is generally assumed that script kiddies are juveniles who lack the ability to write sophisticated hacking programs or exploits on their own, and that their objective is to try to impress their friends or gain credit in computer-enthusiast communities. The term is typically pejorative. Wikipedia entry

129 - "12-year-old" with whom Horst is living "on the Carnasie line"; 164;

Series A funding


177 in porn video with Bruno and Vip Epperdew; 185;

Sharif, Omar

Shavit, Shabtai
33, Mossad

30, emotherapist; 62, "False Eating"; 120; Buddhist Parable of the Burning Coal, 180; Lester, 198;

24, Yiddish: a non-Jewish boy or young man; dating issues

Siegfried & Roy

Silicon Alley
71 - a nickname for an area with a concentration of Internet and new media companies in Manhattan, New York City. Originally, the term referred to the cluster of such companies extending from the Flatiron District down to SoHo and TriBeCa along the Broadway corridor, but as the location of these companies spread out, it became a general term referring to the dot-com industry in New York City as a whole. The name derives from Silicon Valley in California.

The Simpsons
181, Homer strangling Bart;

Sinatra, Frank
332, "Time after "Time;

Singh, Jagdeep
365 - Coding kid in Ziggy's class

Singh, Prabhnoor and Amrita
369 - Live at the Deseret, at the Hallowe'en party

Sirk, Douglas
212 - festival at the Angelika

Slagiatt, Rockwell "Rocky"
SLAGIATT is Internet acronym for "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time"
61, dba Streetlight People. As in "Don't Stop Believing"; 138; 139; 149; 206; 228;

Slow-Onset Post-CFE Syndrome

Smith & Wollensky


From Wikipedia - A Belgian comic and television franchise centered on a group of Smurfs: small blue fictional creatures that live in mushrooms. The Smurfs were first created and introduced as a series of comic characters by the Belgian comics artist Peyo (pen name of Pierre Culliford) in 1958.
"the Hefty Smurf range" 83; "Like the Smurf Village, only cuter" 118; Azrael, Gargamel's cat, 209; Wikipedia entry

Soju Wallbangers

Solitaire for Windows

Sommers, Jaime
143, Bionic Woman

Sontag, Susan
116 "a deep sympathy modified by contempt"; In her Notes on "Camp" (1964), Sontag writes "To name a sensibility, to draw its contours and to recount its history, requires a deep sympathy modified by revulsion." Notes on "Camp"


South Fork
64 The South Fork of Suffolk County, New York, United States is a peninsula in the southeast part of the county on the South Shore of Long Island. The South Fork includes most of the Hamptons. The shorter, more northerly peninsula is known as the North Fork; Vip a frequent visitor, 181;

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Spears, Britney
7, "I did it again" ("Oops, I Did It Again!"); disguised as Jay-Z, 47;

Speedwell, Conkling
200 - a freelance professional Nose; 'conk' is slang for 'nose'; lives in Chelsea, 207; "Notes of pencil shavings, hibiscus, number-two diesel, mayonnaise" 206; Fragrance Force, 230; affair with Heidi, 237; 424; 434;

Spelling, Tori

139 - an umbrella term for any special forces in Russian, literally "special purpose forces". Historically, the term referred to the military special units controlled by the military intelligence service GRU, the Spetsnaz GRU; 204;

Spitzer, Eliot

Sprewell, Latrelle
179 Latrell Fontaine Sprewell is a former American professional basketball player; he played for the Golden State Warriors, the New York Knicks, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

St. John, Basil, and Brenda Starr

Stanwyck, Barbara

Steiner, Robert
14 – With 70 duck stamps to his artistc credit, representing 15 states and the federal contest, it’ s no surprise that Robert Steiner is considered ‘top quack’ in the duck stamp world. There are state officials who credit him with helping the duck stamp program survive in their part of the country, while others say that for the past 25 years, Steiner has been in the forefront of a movement that has transformed the early years of the “plain Jane,” rather dull variety of stamps, with the ducks outlined on a relatively flat background, into works that today “are bona fide, legitimate, collectible pieces of fine art.”

Stiller, Ben
433 - in The Fred MacMurray Story

Stonechat, Mr.
96, director of G & Dolls;

Streetlight People
61, 149, 349 - a VC down in SoHo that keeps popping up in connection with; headed by Rockwell 'Rocky' Slagiatt; a reference to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" lyric:

Strangers waiting

Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlight people
Living just to find emotion

Hiding somewhere in the night

Strubel, Evan
26 - whom Heidi was to marry, but was bought off; Heidi's ex-fiancé, 211;

Strubel, Helvetia
26, Evan 's mother

Stubing, Capt.
169 - Captain Merrill Stubing — "Your Captain" — on The Love Boat TV series (1977-1986), played by Gavin MacLeod. This one-hour sitcom was usually set aboard a Princess Cruises cruise liner called Pacific Princess, whose passengers and crew had romantic and humorous adventures every week.

Studio 54
164, and Sid; Studio 54 was a popular and world renowned nightclub in Manhattan from 1977 until 1981 when it was sold by founders and creators Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. It was called the most famous nightclub of all time and was a sophisticated, groundbreaking multi-media visual extravaganza. Frequent guests included Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, Cary Grant, Lauren Hutton, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Brooke Shields. Emerging artists at the time, Madonna, Wham!, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Menudo, and Run-DMC would perform at the club, before going on to future success. KISS held a concert at the club in 1982.

Stuyvesant genius
10 – What Eric Outfield is;

Super Mario

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