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Bleeding Edge Alpha Guide to Characters, Places & More


Wadi Nisnas
248 - an Arab neighborhood in the city of Haifa in northern Israel. Nisnas is the Arabic word for mongoose, an indigenous animal. The wadi has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants. It is the setting for the 1987 novel, Hatsotsrah ba-Vadi (Hebrew: "Trumpet in the Wadi") by Sami Michael. It centers around the love story between a young Israeli Arab woman and a new immigrant from Russia.

Walken, Christopher
94, The Chi Chi Rodriguez Story;

Wall of Silence
84, in Flatiron District

Webber, Andrew Lloyd
124 - Andrew Lloyd Webber (b. 1948) is a British composer and impresario of light-weight musical theatre hits such as Cats (1980), Jesus Christ Superstar (1971) and Phantom of the Opera (1986) and Evita (1978).

Weiner, Joel
16 – "real-estate obsessive" and on the AMBOPEDIA cruise;

Welcome to the Johnson's toilet
Welcome to the Johnsons

236 - Bar in the Lower East Side, famous for its grafitti-splattered toilets, feaured on the "Toilets of New York" website.

Well people
73 - The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, normally shortened to The WELL, is one of the oldest virtual communities in continuous operation. As of June 2012, it had 2,693 members. It is best known for its Internet forums, but also provides email, shell accounts, and web pages. The discussion and topics on the WELL range from deeply serious to trivial, depending on the nature and interests of the participants. Well Website

Wells notice
63 The current Wells Fargo is a result of a 1998 merger between Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation and the original Wells Fargo. Although Norwest was the nominal survivor, the new company kept the Wells Fargo name to capitalize on the long history of the nationally recognized Wells Fargo name and its trademark stagecoach (the company's previous slogan, "The Next Stage," is likely a nod to the company's trademark). After the acquisition, the parent company kept its headquarters in San Francisco. The company's current tagline, "Together we'll go far" also references the stagecoach motif, its customers, and represents the company name itself in a transposed way (Wells Far-go = we'll[s] go-Far).

Westheimer, Dr. Ruth
171 - Author of sex self-help books

Wilson, Owen
94, as Jack Nicklaus;

Windust, Nicholas
99, Special Case Officer; 102; neo-liberal terrorist, 108; TANGO, 108; in Maxine's volcano dream, 168; 238; abducted by earth-born aliens, 243; "he tortures people with electric cattle prods" 245; "date" with Maxine, 251;

Winnie list

Winterslow, Bruce
3, principal at OKS

Wood, Natalie
27, aka Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko, in West Side Story (1961)

Woodbury Common or Paramus

World Trade Center
94, where Horst sublet some office space; 165; foreshadowing of 911, via proösmic, 236-237; Elaine & Brooke shopping there, 246;

Written on the Wind (1956)

198 fictional radio station in NYC;

Bleeding Edge Alpha Guide to Characters, Places & More

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