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Bleeding Edge trailer

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Penguin Press's "Trailer" for Bleeding Edge and other promotional campaigns

Here's Penguin's trailer (Hmm...) for Bleeding Edge ... Features a different "Tom Pynchon" from the one who narrated the Inherent Vice trailer, and although it might not send folks rushing to the bookstore, but it's certain created a buzz! Writer William Gibson tweeted "Absolutely the best novel trailer so far in the history of the world" on September 4!

Penguin Press says the video was produced by Riz Sauvage (French: "Wild Rice") Productions, an outfit hithertofore unheard of, with zero presence online...

EmbedVideo does not recognize the video service "newvimeo".

Read — and participate in — a discussion of this video »

Also, the back cover of the advance reading copy says that they will have "promotional book playlist; wide-ranging online and social network campaign; comprehensive internet blog campaign" and so on. One of the few inconspicuous websites that might be linked to the campaign is found on hashslingrz, where you can read several very Pynchonesque short-shorts.

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