Chapter 21

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Page 230

Pringle Chip Equation
The widely-sold fried snack food Pringles potato crisps resemble a truncated hyperbolic paraboloid. According to Pringles marketing, the shape allows the snack to be securely stacked in a canister to prevent breakage during packaging and transport. To see more on the actual equation used for a hyperbolic paraboloid see WIKI.

Page 231

"Baby Beluga"
Baby Beluga is a music album by children's entertainer Raffi, released in 1980. The title track was inspired by Kavna, a beluga whale that Raffi saw at the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, BC, and is considered by many to be his greatest hit. From WIKI.

Page 232

Programming code that is written so poorly that it could only have been written by someone after that person drank an entire bottle of vodka. Thought it may run without error, it may be overly inefficient, useless, or a re-implementation of a function that already exists as part of the programming language.

a rich young person who adopts a bohemian lifestyle and lives in a nonaffluent area.

Page 235

as in 'Bird Dog' by the Everly Brothers . . . nobody's quail
"Bird Dog" is a song about a guy trying to steal another guy's girl. It includes the lyric: "Hey, bird dog get away from my quail."

Page 236

no one alive has smelled it before
She can smell 9/11 coming? That's why she's getting out of NY and DC.

Page 238

A zhlub is a crude person lacking in social skills along with insensitivity, clumsiness and a lack of manners. Recall Richard M. Zhlub from Gravity's Rainbow

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