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RPGs are Role-Playing Games
RPGs are Role-Playing Games
==Page 428==
'''Ms. Cheung's bleak announcement about real life and make-believe'''<br />
'''Ms. Cheung's bleak announcement about real life and make-believe'''<br />
So what's the reference here? Who's "Ms. Cheung"?
So what's the reference here? Who's "Ms. Cheung"?

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Page 424

Depending of course what your definition of the word 'is' is
President Bill Clinton said something close to this while trying to explain that he had not lied when he denied having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky: "It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is..."
You can hear it here.

the kid in the teen horror movie who turns out to be possessed
A likely candidate for which teen horror film Pynchon is referencing here is Night of the Demons (1988) (aka Halloween Party). Wikipedia

Page 426

RPG heroics
RPGs are Role-Playing Games

Page 428

Ms. Cheung's bleak announcement about real life and make-believe
So what's the reference here? Who's "Ms. Cheung"?

Page 429

A Goomba
factual elements have started popping up like li'l goombas

Goombas, known in Japan as Kuribo ("Chestnut People"), are a fictional species of sentient mushrooms from Nintendo's Mario franchise. Their appearance is based on shiitake mushrooms. Wikipedia

Page 433

Granada Asbury Park Uncertainty Question
From the lyrics of "At Long Last Love" (written by Cole Porter, popularized by Frank Sinatra)
Is it for all time or simply a lark?
Is it Granada I see or only Asbury Park?

Page 435

From this page: a term used to describe a scented trail left by the fragrance wearer.

Page 436

Redmond campus
a.k.a., Microsoft headquarters

Page 437

Ray Milland...The Thing with Two Heads
Ray Milland starred in The Thing with Two Heads, whose movie poster reads "They transplanted a WHITE BIGOT'S HEAD onto a SOUL BROTHER'S BODY!"

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