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Jebel Ali Free Zone
118 - a free economic zone located in the Jebel Ali area at the far western end of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, near Abu Dhabi. Created under an Emiri Decree, Jafza commenced operations in 1985 with standard size office units and warehouses to provide ready built facilities to customers. In 1990 Jafza expanded its facilities to include light industrial units.

21 aka Muriel, one of Horst's flings

Joaquin the pool guy
203 - at the Deseret

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)
89 - This cyberpunk film was loosely based on the short story "Johnny Mnemonic" by William Gibson. Keanu Reeves plays the title character, a man with a cybernetic brain implant designed to store information. The film portrays Gibson's dystopian view of the future with the world dominated by megacorporations and with strong East Asian influences.

70 - a highly carbonated cola beverage produced by Wet Planet Beverages beginning in 1985. It was targeted towards students and young professionals, stressing its use as a stimulant in a similar manner as energy drinks.

Jules and Jim (1962)
176 - French film directed by François Truffaut based on Henri-Pierre Roché's 1953 semi-autobiographical novel about his relationship with writer Franz Hessel and his wife, Helen Grund. Synopsis at Wikipedia

Junior's Ooh-La-Lounge
187 On East Long Island;

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