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Raincheck Room
269-270; "esteemed West Hollywood saloon" where Bigfoot and Doc go

Ramo isn't telling Woolridge
54; TRW (Thompson Ramo Wooldridge), a defense-related business, was formed by Dean Wooldridge (1913-2006) (misspelled in the novel) and Simon Ramo (b. 1913), sometimes known as the father of the Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Rat Pack
233; Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.; 239

Reagan, Ronald Wilson
73; 95; Reagan (1911-2004) was the 33rd Governor of California (1967–1975) and the 40th President of the United States (1981–1989). Born in Tampico, Illinois, Reagan moved to Los Angeles in the 1930s and began a career as an actor, first in films and later television. He served as president of the Screen Actors Guild, producing, and turning over to the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) a list of actors he suspected of Communist leanings. Reagan's governorship was punctuated by high-profile conflicts with the protest movement of the era. In 1969, Reagan sent the California Highway Patrol to quell the protests at UC Berkeley, and later used the National Guard to occupy the University for two weeks to quell additional unrest. Along with Richard Nixon, Reagan was the face of 'the Establishment' in the '60s and '70s, particularly in California. shutdown of state mental facilities, 172; 321

Red Squad
Red Squads are police intelligence units that specialize in infiltrating, conducting counter-measures and gathering intelligence on political and social groups. Dating as far back as the Haymarket Riot in 1886, Red Squads became common in larger cities such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles during the First Red Scare of the 1920s. They were set up as specialized units of city police departments, as a weapon against labor unions, communists, anarchists, and other dissidents; 292

Reeves, Jim
225; country-western singer

249; female singers of rebetika music (See Eskenazi, Roza)

Resurrection of the Body
180; "collision emporium" south of Olympic where Doc takes his Dart

Robbins, Marty
239; "foul, evil deeds"; from "El Paso" on his 1959 album "Gunfighter": "Just for a moment I stood there in silence / Shocked by the foul evil deed I had done."

Robinson, Edward G. ("Eddie") (1893-1973)
Honorary Academy Award-winning American actor born in Romania, he has played a wide range of characters, and is best remembered for his roles as a gangster, most notably in his breakthrough film Little Caesar (1930). His voice was also, apparently, the inspiration for Hank Azaria's voice for Chief Wiggum on The Simpsons.

Rodriguez, Lourdes

71; stewardess on Kahuna Airlines

Roger & Hart
160; "It Never Entered My Mind" sung by "the-girl-who-wasn't-a-hippie-chick" at O Cangaceiro.

Rogers, Roy (1911-1998)
153; "Happy Trails to You"; a singer and cowboy actor, as well as the namesake of the famous Roy Rogers Restaurants chain. He and his second wife Dale Evans, his golden palomino Trigger, and his German Shepherd Dog, Bullet, were featured in over one hundred movies and The Roy Rogers Show. The show ran on radio for nine years before moving to television from 1951 through 1957.

Rolling Stones
193; English rock band formed in 1962 and still recording and touring. Although the lineup has changed over the years, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts have remained constants. "Something Happened to Me Yesterday" from their 1967 album Between the Buttons Wikipedia

Roman Holiday (1953)
Romantic comedy which introduced American audiences to Belgian-born actress Audrey Hepburn, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert co-starred. Although Dalton Trumbo co-wrote the screenplay, he was not credited because he was on the Hollywood blacklist; 281

250; often used in a generic sense to refer to any type of non-metallic sheathed electrical cable. More to the point, it's electrical wiring sheathed in a plastic coating. The name comes from the Rome Wire Company, which originally produced the wire. The "rome" part comes from the company's name. No one is quite sure where the "x" came from.

Ruby's Lounge
276; dilapidated bar downstairs from The Price of Wisdom "good for at least one felony arrest per week"

Ruiz, Antonio "Bugs"
338; Adolfo's cousin

148; 1961 #1 hit by Del Shannon

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