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Chapter 34

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Page 366

"Series'll be on tonight, El Duque's starting, maybe against Curt Schilling
El Duque is the nickname of NY Yankees pitcher Orlando Hernandez. In this game, he pitched 6 1⁄3 solid innings, but gave up a game-tying upper deck home run to Mark Grace of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the fourth inning. Curt Schilling of the Diamondbacks pitched on only three days rest.


Vegeta is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.

NAND gate ("I say yes to everything")
In digital electronics, a NAND gate (Negated AND or NOT AND) is a logic gate which produces an output that is false only if all its inputs are true. A LOW (0) output results only if both the inputs to the gate are HIGH (1); if one or both inputs are LOW (0), a HIGH (1) output results. It is made using transistors. Wikipedia

Page 367 time to witness Derek Jeter's clutch tenth-inning homer and another trademark Yankee win
This extra innings game carried on past midnight, making it the first World Series game played in November(largely due to the rearranged schedules and postseason as a result of 11 September). When the scoreboard clock in Yankee Stadium passed midnight, the message on the scoreboard read, "Welcome to November Baseball". Derek Jeter shortly afterwards hit an opposite field walk-off home run on a 3–2 pitch count from Byung-Hyun Kim. This walk-off home run gave the Yankees a 4–3 victory and tied the Series at two games apiece, making Jeter the first player to hit a November homerun and earning him the tongue-in-cheek nickname of "Mr. November"(itself a play on former Yankee Reggie Jackson's World Series nickname "Mr. October).

Keanu Reeves
Another Keanu reference. Something to this?

Page 368

shoat but sweet, as they say around the pigpen
A shoat is a young pig. Get it?

Page 369

Steely Dan's "Ain't Never Gonna Do It without the Fez On"
Title of that song: "Royal Scam"

The song is more simply titled "The Fez," from the 1976 album Royal Scam. Likewise, on page 158 Pynchon elongated the title of "Dr. Wu" into "Are You with Me Dr Wu."

Also, the word "ain't" is not in the song. Lyrics are here and they go: No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on.

this overdue-for-exorcism building
The Dakota, a possible model for the Deseret, is famously known for being the principle location used in the film "Rosemary's Baby" (1968). Of course, it was also the abode, and murder site, of John Lennon.

Page 371

"Lester was fellow podonok,"
Podonok is a Russian term meaning riff-raff, scoundrel, or scum. lowest of the low.

that Civil Hackers' School in Moscow [...] "Umnik Academy!"
From here...

"UMNIK of NCFU" Club for Young Scientists
Since 2008 foundation of assistance to development of small enterprises in scientific and technical area performs financial support of scientific projects of young scientists (under 28 years), which are commercially significant. Financing is carried out on the basis of results of "U.M.N.I.K.” (Participant of Youth Scientific Innovative Competition) competition. Annually the foundation accepts requests and accredits several dozens of events in the territory of the Russian Federation, within the framework of which money grants for the young people, who have scientific ideas to be commercialized, are planned.

Chainik is a computer term that implies both ignorance and a certain amount of willingness to learn (as well as a propensity to cause disaster), but does not necessarily imply as little experience or short exposure time as newbie and is not as derogatory as luser. Both a novice user and someone using a computer system for a long time without any understanding of the internals can be referred to as chainiks. Wikipedia

Page 376

You want secular cause and effect...
Echoes the same, almost identical, line from Gravity's Rainbow, page 663 (Viking Ed.): "You will want cause and effect. All right."

Day of the NYC Marathon
Sunday, November 4

Page 377

especially this soon after eleven September
Perhaps this is simply a typo; everwhere else this date is referred to as "11 September"

Yes, I remember
From page 258.

Eppes Essen, besides being a Jewish Deli in New Jersey, is Yiddish for "I will give you something to eat"

Page 379

She should have tumbled ... to the peculiar lightlessness in his eyes...
The Oxford English Dictionary provides one definition of "to tumble": "(tumble to) (informal) understand the meaning or hidden implication of (a situation)"

Page 382

what Bobby Darin calls 'beyond the sea'
Bobby Darin performs Beyond the Sea on YouTube. To be a song about longing for a lost, perhaps dead, love, that sure is a happy sounding tune.

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