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*['''Order ''Bleeding Edge''''' (Amazon)]
*['''Order ''Bleeding Edge''''' (Amazon)]
*Check out the [[#Featured Articles|'''Featured Articles''']]
*Check out the [[#Featured Articles|'''Featured Articles''']]
*[[Songs_mentioned_in_Bleeding_Edge|Songs mentioned in Bleeding Edge]]
This is the Wiki for [[Thomas Pynchon]]'s ''Bleeding Edge''. Besides using the [[BE_Alpha_Nav|'''Alphabetical Index''']] and the [[Bleeding_Edge_-_Page_by_Page|'''page-by-page annotation''']], you can also take a look at [[Bleeding Edge cover analysis|''Bleeding Edge'' cover analyses]], read the [[Bleeding Edge Reviews|reviews]], or [[Bleeding Edge Title|entertain some theories on the source of the title]].
This is the Wiki for [[Thomas Pynchon]]'s ''Bleeding Edge''. Besides using the [[BE_Alpha_Nav|'''Alphabetical Index''']] and the [[Bleeding_Edge_-_Page_by_Page|'''page-by-page annotation''']], you can also take a look at [[Bleeding Edge cover analysis|''Bleeding Edge'' cover analyses]], read the [[Bleeding Edge Reviews|reviews]], or [[Bleeding Edge Title|entertain some theories on the source of the title]].

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Welcome to the Bleeding Edge Wiki!

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This is the Wiki for Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge. Besides using the Alphabetical Index and the page-by-page annotation, you can also take a look at Bleeding Edge cover analyses, read the reviews, or entertain some theories on the source of the title.

Penguin Press's "Trailer" for Bleeding Edge and other promotional campaigns

Here's Penguin's trailer (Hmm...) for Bleeding Edge ... Features a different "Tom Pynchon" from the one who narrated the Inherent Vice trailer, and although it might not send folks rushing to the bookstore, but it's certain created a buzz! Writer William Gibson tweeted "Absolutely the best novel trailer so far in the history of the world" on September 4!

Penguin Press says the video was produced by Riz Sauvage (French: "Wild Rice") Productions, an outfit hithertofore unheard of, with zero presence online...

Also, the back cover of the advance reading copy says that they will have "promotional book playlist; wide-ranging online and social network campaign; comprehensive internet blog campaign" and so on. One of the few inconspicuous websites that might be linked to the campaign is found on hashslingrz, where you can read several very Pynchonesque short-shorts.

EmbedVideo does not recognize the video service "newvimeo".

Read — and participate in — a discussion of this video »

Featured Articles

Image by Mario Wagner
Jonathan Lethem's review of Bleeding Edge for The New York Times, may be the most intelligent and insightful review of them all. Lethem gets it! "[There is] the sheer vitality and fascination, the plummets into beauty and horror, the unique flashes of galactic epiphany, in Pynchon’s method. Our reward for surrendering expectations that a novel should gather in clarity, rather than disperse into molecules, isn’t anomie but delight. Pynchon himself’s a good companion, full of real affection for his people and places, even as he lampoons them for suffering the postmodern condition of being only partly real. He spoils us with descriptive flights." Read the review...

Image: Slate
Noticing that New York Times critic Michiko Kakutani has panned every Pynchon novel after Mason & Dixon (1997) — the latest target being Bleeding Edge — I became curious as to just who this grumpy critic is. If you're curious too, read "Assessing Michiko Kakutani":

"Kakutani doesn't offer the stylistic flair, the wit, or the insight one gets from Kael and other first-rate critics; for her, the verdict is the only thing. One has the sense of her deciding roughly at Page 2 whether or not a book is worthy; reading the rest of it to gather evidence for her case; spending some quality time with the Thesaurus; and then taking a large blunt hammer and pounding the message home." Read on...

Bleeding Edge Review by David Kipen, for Publishers Weekly, is a well written and insightful appreciation of Pynchon's craft and his new novel! "No one, but no one, rivals Pynchon's range of language, his elasticity of syntax, his signature mix of dirty jokes, dread and shining decency." Read the review...

How to Use this Wiki

There are two major ways to use this wiki. The first is the Bleeding Edge Alphabetical Index, used to keep track of the myriad characters, real and imagined, as well as events, arcana, and lots of other stuff. The second is the Spoiler-Free Annotations by Page, which allows the reader to look up and contribute allusions and references while reading the book, in a convenient and spoiler-free manner.

Apart from those, it's up to you.

Alphabetical Index

Information on the characters, events, and everything else in Bleeding Edge, organized alphabetically:==Bleeding Edge Alpha Guide to Characters, Places & More==


Page by Page Annotations

Chapter 1
pp. 1-7
Chapter 2
pp. 8-19
Chapter 3
pp. 20-29
Chapter 4
pp. 30-40
Chapter 5
pp. 41-52
Chapter 6
pp. 53-67
Chapter 7
pp. 68-79
Chapter 8
pp. 80-86
Chapter 9
pp. 87-95
Chapter 10
pp. 96-111
Chapter 11
pp. 112-120
Chapter 12
pp. 121-133
Chapter 13
pp. 134-144
Chapter 14
pp. 145-159
Chapter 15
pp. 160-171
Chapter 16
pp. 172-184
Chapter 17
pp. 185-197
Chapter 18
pp. 198-210
Chapter 19
pp. 211-218
Chapter 20
pp. 219-229
Chapter 21
pp. 230-238
Chapter 22
pp. 239-246
Chapter 23
pp. 247-255
Chapter 24
pp. 256-264
Chapter 25
pp. 265-273
Chapter 26
pp. 274-287
Chapter 27
pp. 288-300
Chapter 28
pp. 301-313
Chapter 29
pp. 314-326
Chapter 30
pp. 327-337
Chapter 31
pp. 338-346
Chapter 32
pp. 347-353
Chapter 33
pp. 354-364
Chapter 34
pp. 365-382
Chapter 35
pp. 383-394
Chapter 36
pp. 395-407
Chapter 37
pp. 408-422
Chapter 38
pp. 423-438
Chapter 39
pp. 439-447
Chapter 40
pp. 448-462
Chapter 41
pp. 463-477

Pynchon Wiki Help and Contributor Guidelines

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We have a few conventions we ask that you follow:

  • When creating a new page, if its information pertains to one (and only one) specific Pynchon novel, please categorize it with the appropriate identifier. For example, a page pertaining to Bleeding Edge, should use the syntax [[Category:BE]].
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External Links

  • - wiki annotations to works by Pynchon, Umberto Eco, and many others.

Image Gallery

Below are some of the images you will find on Pynchon Wiki.

Thanks, and enjoy...

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